About ViaBTC

ViaBTC (Viabtc Technology Limited) is a world-leading technology-intensive startup dedicated to technology integration and mining service and have received worldwide popularity as well as support for security, stability and high mining payouts. Altogether, ViaBTC has released mining pools for 7 mainstream coins and cloud mining products since the launch of Bitcoin mining pool in 2016, committed to development of cryptocurrency by perfecting mining service and improving work in community.

Why ViaEOS

1. Solid Technology Background

Most of ViaBTC team are from Tencent and other top-tier dotcom companies in China. A few boast years of experience in Bitcoin industry. Over half of our team are R&D division who possess rich technological prowess.

To run for EOS Supernode, ViaBTC has called members with rich experience in technology and operation together and recruited a ViaEOS specialist group of superior technological advantage in pool and node maintenance. ViaBTC provides uninterrupted pool mining service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will spare no effort to guarantee security and stability of EOS Supernode.

2. Shared community philosophy

ViaBTC is running for EOS Supernode out of a sense of responsibility as one of the top mining pools in the world and our shared philosophy with EOS community: “Freedom, Open source, and User rights”. As an active member in R&D community, we would like to contribute our share to make EOS community a better place.

About ViaEOS

Possessing rich technological prowess, ViaEOS is determined to run for EOS Supernode with high security and help construct EOS ecological network while continuing to promote blockchain and its application. Let us join hands and advance together with EOS community.

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